Smoking Pieces

PieceMaker™’s silicone smoking pieces will spark your interest! Each smoking piece is UNBREAKABLE, strong, flexible and handy! You can be rest assured even if you are accident prone and clumsy if you drop it it won't break on you. Made out of the same material you find in oven bake-ware, food-grade FDA-approved Silicone, coupled with a medical grade Stainless Steel (SAE 304) bowl combined to create a simple piece for your enjoyment. If you prefer a glass bowl simply remove the bowl provided and insert your own. 

Not only is each piece UNBREAKABLE but it's super easy to clean. You can use the same cleaner used for your glass pieces or try out their recommended non-toxic method. Allow the resin to build up in your piece. Then if it's a water piece remove all water and take apart the stem and bowl. If it's a dry piece remove the bowl and stem if stem is included. Then freeze all silicone parts overnight and simply massage the silicone as it breaks off the resin and watch as it all falls right out. Easy peezy!